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Everad Smith 


Patrick Williams 


From Khaleel

I have been using the Stocktracker250 software for eighteen months. 

There is no doubt that it is a tremendous time saver. I was attracted to the concept initially because of my engineering background. The system works, and works well.

My brokers claim to be the biggest retail investment house, so I was sure they had something similar, and probably better. I could not find it online so I visited their offices to find out. 

I got a wonderful and warm reception so I am happy that I actually met the people I talk with on the phone. When I told them what I was looking for they confirmed they had only what I already knew about.

With a large audience I demonstrated Stocktracker250, using my account, and one of their computers. They were so impressed I felt taller by the time I was ready to leave. I now had assurance from the best in the business that I was using a tool that gave me a great advantage.

I know I am making good and rational trading decisions that I will simply manage to profitability. The bonus for me is that I have learned so much about stock market volatility and risk management in a structured and painless manner.

Congrats Colin!


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From Everad Smith

Dear Colin;

Congratulations on finally making the decision to offer your equities trading system to other investors. As someone who has been following its development from the outset, and who has used its advice from time to time, Iím pleased to say that the parameters that are used to determine a companyís investment worthiness have consistently delivered above market performance.

As an investment advisor, certified by the Canadian Securities Institute, I can attest to the importance of employing stringent investment criteria in company assessments, reinforced by a zealous regard for disciplined investor behavior. Your equities trading system is fortunate to incorporate both of these discriminating qualities.

As I have seen over the last ten months, I expect that your application of a combined strategy of technical analysis, fundamental valuations and careful risk assessment of blue-chip companies which are temporarily out of favor with the market, will continue to deliver strong gains for those disciplined enough to follow your guidance.

Good luck. Iíll not only be watching, Iíll be a player as well.

Everard Smith
Wales, UK.

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From Ygal Yancovitz

I have been trading since April 1999.

I started buying stocks that were introduced to me by a friend.

My start up capital was  $20,000 and I suppose I had beginners luck, because I was holding a paper profit of more than 50% on one stock. I was naive enough to think it would continue to go up, and of course it did not.

I was visiting my friend Colin and discovered that he trades using many technical tools. He suggested that my stock was about to start a downtrend that could take it back to where I bought it.  I did not believe him because I was already in love with the stock. By the time I sold it my profit had fallen to 35%

I visited him again and asked that he explain some more to me. I was surprised at how little I really knew.

Using some of the strategies and techniques that I learned from him I started to make money on quite a number of stocks.

Most of all I learned that managing my funds properly is more important than picking the right stock.

When I am disciplined enough to follow the guidelines I make money. When my approach is loose, I lose money.

I know that if you follow his system it will work for you.

Ygal Yancovich

P.S. My portfolio is now worth more than $50,000 Ė I do seem to have beginners luck

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From Patrick Williams

I have been following your Demonstration model for well over eighteen months now and I must say I am very intrigued by it.

I like the fact that you stress taking small positions on a variety of stocks even if you are only investing $50K and that you must invest using a method if you want to make money and stick to it.

I am always looking forward to receiving your weekly updates and commentary. What I have learned from them more than anything else is that buying and holding is a waste of time not to mention money.

To go from $100K to over $140K in 9 months just by taking many small profits when all the major indices were heading south big time, is proof positive that your method works.

I am convinced.



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From Mark

Long before Colin started the Model Portfolio in August 2000 he shared with me software that he and I used to track stocks, and trades we made. 

It was practical but not all that user friendly.

I was able to tell Colin what would make it friendly to people like myself, who needed to track what was going on without having to become a computer wiz.

I am happy that it is now online and accessible from anywhere in the World.

I always know what my positions are doing, and I have developed a level of confidence in the tools that Colin uses to keep updating trading bands.  

The weekly commentary that I receive is based on some very in depth analysis, of not only the stocks being tracked, but of the macro economic trends.  

The fact that I have my company to manage on a daily basis does not afford me the time to do that extremely important research. The software along with the research save me a tremendous amount of time. That alone makes the service very worthwhile to me. 

I think if you appreciate the importance of time and proper research, you will appreciate the value of the software and the trading program. 

It really does simplify trading activity.


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